Zeolite Benefits


This statement made by German doctor Paracelsus about 500 years ago is absolutely correct and today even much more valid than in the past. The pollution of our planet is intrinsically linked with the escalation of disease incidence and deterioration of our health. The silent killers of the 21st century are the toxic heavy metals, like lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and aluminum, and chemicals that accumulate in our bodies over our lifetime.

Each year millions of tons of these toxins are released into the environment contaminating the air, water, soil, plants, animals and of course, humans. Investigations in the US have shown that people have between 100-200 potentially toxic, carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting and gene damaging chemicals stored in the body.

Another cause of many diseases are Free Radicals which develop in the bodies, particularly in case of infections, exposure to radiation, fungicides, pesticides, certain solvents and in stress situations. The problem with heavy metals, as well as with excessive free radicals, is that they accumulate in the body causing numerous health disorders that can seriously impact literally every major organ in the body. Studies show that heavy metals in the body may be implicated in everything from Alzheimer’s to cardiovascular disease, from behavioral problems to kidney dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, epilepsy and even paralysis. As these accumulations take place over months or years, frequently there are no acute effects, and because the symptoms are usually quite non-specific only the well informed clinician recognizes the real causes of the developing diseases.

Reactive Free Radicals, mainly derived from oxygen, are implicated in a number of diseases, including inflammation, cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and CHD. Today, science confirms that about 90% of all diseases as well as a fast aging process are caused by Free Radicals. Increased awareness of the role of chronic heavy metal poisoning and the role of free radicals in the development of a great range of diseases has resulted in an increasing focus on therapies which can reduce or better even remove these toxins from the bodies. 

In a number of studies it has been proven that the micronized and activated DMZ-Clinoptilolite presents the safest and most effective therapy presently available. What makes DMZ-Clinoptilolite so unique is its negatively charged, cage like, honeycombed structure. When taken orally with water, this natural mineral attracts and irreversibly binds toxic heavy metals, chemical elements and free radicals. Researches have shown that DMZ-Clinoptilolite has vital actions in the body. DMZ-Clinoptilolite removes free radicals. Unlike classic antioxidants, DMZ-Clinoptilolite does not neutralize free radicals by donating an electron to stabilize them. Instead, its structure captures free radicals. Once trapped inside the cage, the inactivated free radical can then safely be eliminated from the body. Clinoptilolite has broad-spectrum anti-viral properties: 

Firstly, by attracting and binding viral sub-particles, thereby interfering with viral replication and eliminating them from the body. Secondly, by inhibiting viral proliferation via immune modulation of T-cells. DMZ-Clinoptilolite helps maintain proper pH-value by removing acidic ions and chemicals which then promotes optimal metabolic and immune functions. DMZ-Clinoptilolite helps the elimination of carcinogenic toxins from the body, especially a category of carcinogens called nitrosamines. The most common sources for these nitrates include processed meats, cigarettes and beer, which are linked to pancreatic, stomach and colon cancer. DMZ-Clinoptilolite strengthens peoples’ own defence mechanisms (immune system) to fight diseases in a safe way without creating any serious side effects and at affordable prices.


A World’s First – The Activated Dynamic Micronized Zeolite (DMZ) of 1 Micron.

Zeolite is reduced to 1 micron by using German nanotechnology for the first time worldwide. DMZ molecules have been the perfect candidate for body cleansing of toxins thanks to their multiple and porous structure. DMZ-Clinoptilolite strengthens people’s own defence mechanisms (immune system) to fight diseases in a safe way without creating any serious side effects and at affordable prices. Health Starts Here. Experience the Difference.