How is Zeofit consumed?

Zeofit should be taken 3 times daily 2.5g sachets with 200ml water 30 minutes before meals.

How are the consumption doses estimated?

After have done research and studies on our micronized zeolite powder, we have found the optimal doses to be 3 packets daily before meals for maximum results. After a 2-3 month period you could continue with just 1-2 packets daily to keep the mineral in your body to continue cleansing the smaller amount of toxins which enter as your have your day going.

Is it dangerous to consume more than 3 sachets?

No, it is absolutely not and there are no side effects. Any more than 3 sachets daily would be a waste and the body will excrete the excess amount.

Where can I buy zeofit from?

You can buy zeofit from here, just click on our shopping page and you can make your order now.

From what age is it safe to consume zeofit?

Typically any age going from 6 year old children to elderly adults. We recommend children below 12 consume 1 packet daily.